West Dean Daffodil walk – the hunt for chalk snowballs!

Daffodil Walk 2011

The walk on March 19th allowed us to consider chalk snowballs in their art form  – at various levels of decolourisation and disintegration.    A number (13, I think) of 6 -7 foot diameter snowball chalk sculptures lay across the South Downs in the West Dean area – we came across 5 –  originally sculpted and placed by Andy Goldsworthy in 2002.   Changed, however, by the elements.

I understand there is a snowball trail – but to date I can not find any details.   Can anyone help?

Our next walk is on Tuesday 5th April – when we revisit part of Chichester Canal – the part with water in this time.   This is a 4 mile flat level walk linking the Hamlets on the northern part of the Selsey peninsula.   On exploring Hunston we will come across what looks like African animals.   What are they doing in Hunston? – we have yet to find out.

Meet at Canal Car Park in Hunston at 2 p.m. or contact Jan Marsden for transport arrangements.

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