A Very Musical Evening!

Arun Sounds

At our April meeting we really did lift the rafters when Arun Sounds, the 19-strong ladies barbershop chorus, were our guests for the evening.  After entertaining us with a varied selection of songs from Sexy Ladies in the 80s to My Funny Valentine, and my favourite You’ll Never Walk Alone (which gave me goosebumps), we all got a chance to exercise our vocal chords.


We sang a medley of gospel songs (Swing Low Sweet Chariot, When the Saints go Marching in, and I’m Gonna Sing), together with She’ll be coming round the Montain, with all the appropriate actions.  After practising each we were split into 4 groups and each group sang independently but offset – what could have been a mess but was a triumph and great fun!.

We ended our evening with everyone singing Jerusalem – the first time in our 16 month history that we’ve sung this iconic WI anthem – and it sounded marvellous.  Many thanks to Arun Sounds for providing us with such a memorable evening.

click here for more photos

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