WI competitions

Competitions within the WI are an integral part of WI activity across the nation – inspiring women to challenge and develop their own skills.   Bognor Regis WI is encompassing the spirit of competition by occasionally including it in the programme, for those who want to enter.

We started with Limericks last December, with some fun and saucy accounts of WI or Festive themes:

   A lass from the WI                                                                  

     Said “Christmas is coming – oh my!

     I must cook, clean and shop

     Till I’m ready to drop

     How come Santa gets wine and mince pie?”

March’s meeting completed the evening’s recycling theme by a dozen members making something old from something new.   An old pair of shorts made an impressive cushion; plant name tags were made from old venetian blinds and a picture frame made from an old CD case were amongst the examples of what could be done.

The South of England Show at Ardingly appears to be a showcase for WI craft.  Three of our members are representing our WI with a short story, a handmade card and some bunting.

“Completing the brief has been rewarding” said Jan Marsden who made the bunting.  “I am told that the judging standard is high.  Competing with experienced WI crafters has felt daunting.  I would like to see a class for novices – for first time competitors like us.   We all have to start somewhere, but I am looking forward to constructive comments about my work.  Will I be put off – we will have to wait and see!”

I think everyone would agree that Jan’s bunting is very impressive.  Anyone going to the Show ?  Be sure to look out for our entries.

3 thoughts on “WI competitions

  1. I’m sure I speak for all Bognor Regis W.I. members in wishing those who have entered the best of luck and will look forward to seeing the entries at Ardingly. The bunting looks brilliant Jan.


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