Poppies, Sheep, and Skylarks – all on a June Walk

On a beautiful, blowy evening we found our way along the bottom of the South Downs to enjoy a piece of England’s’ green and pleasant land.  From the start, the rolling wheat fields, framed by the sunshine, and a feast of poppies took our minds off the gradual incline …. then onwards to a forested area, which tempted us to admire a show of wild foxgloves.

In good company we soon reached a real treat as the walk took us up to a large flock of sheep at Gumber Farm (a National Trust property) where the farmer and his dogs put on a most professional show.  We watched mesmerised as the team moved the flock to new pastures.

Having caught our breath we only had a short walk up to the high point of our outing, affording us spectacular clear views across to Bognor and beyond!  Then along the Old Roman Road (Stane Way) looking out towards the Halnacker Windmill, to begin the walk back down. The lush pathways and skylark serenade wound us back to the start after an almost perfect walking evening.

click here to see more photos.

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