Boxgrove to Halnaker Walk

This was the second time our WI had done this walk and it did not disappoint.   It starts with the charming chocolate box village of Boxgrove, along manicured paths and up the gentle hill to the Windmill at Halnaker.   We could see for miles, but in a haze through a few drops of rain.   On the way we came across a blue bull (our walks get curiouser and curiouser!)
On the return journey, we found a new skill amongst the Bognor Regis WI members – Horse Whispering.   Catherine was able to lead us through a field of horses (well, there were two!) by chatting to them.   One of the horses nudged us gently out of their field.  The delightful ruins of Boxgrove Priory gave us a lovely surprise at the end of the walk.
click here for more photos

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