At our July meeting …

A few thoughts from our secretary, Jan …

WI Secretary’s blog

I had a major panic at our last meeting – hot sweats, etc.   Just as David, a handwriting analyst, started his talk I could not remember taking the cheque envelopes out of our treasurer’s bag – I was helping her as she was unable to be at the meeting.   Panic, panic, panic – I tried to be quiet about it – but rustling through the bags, and shifting from one side of my bottom to the other in desperation must have been very unsettling for the members – especially as I am sitting in the front – (lesson 1 – do not sit in the front any more).

I dashed home to get my cheque book as I could not see this “poor” man without his dues – I knew it was my fault after all.   (Lesson 2 – do not talk to anyone at the meeting until all tables out, bags emptied notices set up, and all other jobs done!  Even if that means 10.00 p.m. – efficiency is the priority after all).    Fortunately, I kept Janet informed of my error and as I was reaching for my cheque book at home, Janet phoned to say she had found the envelope on the table. So David  had his cheque afterall – no thanks to me though.   I did not hear what David had to say, however.   I suspect it was something about my handwriting shows how chaotic I am!

and, for those who weren’t there, here’s what she missed …

Graphology Explained

David told us how certain features in handwriting such as slant, slope of base line of sentences and loops on letters reveal abilities, behaviours, character and personality traits.   He showed slides of famous people’s handwriting and explained his analysis.   He involved members by asking them to look at their own handwriting, and to decide which of two handwriting examples shown on a slide (not from members) was that of a murderer – the majority got it wrong!   David illustrated how he saw Graphology as a complex and interesting science.  Unfortunately we ran out of time, so we didn’t have a chance to quiz David on the validity of handwriting analysis.

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