News from Ardingly

You may remember from an earlier blog that our WI submitted three entries for the South of England Show at Ardingly.  We can report that all of our entries did very well, considering that all three were complete novices in the WI competition world.

Lesley's entry

Lesley Guppy walked off with a highly commended for her card.

Jan Marsden did very well with 18/20 for her bunting (see below).

And the Judges felt that Karen’s 50 word fairy tale was ‘an interesting idea‘ … see if you agree ….

“Wish Hotline, Fairy Godmother speaking, how may I help? Hello, Mary. How’s that job you wished for?

“That bad? Well, I don’t do curses, dear, but I see from our database that somebody already has. She’ll be out of your way shortly.

“But Mary? Be careful what you wish for.”

 Well done to Lesley, Jan and Karen!

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