Chichester Harbour Walk – 5th July

Intrepid or what!   Rain did not put our walking group off.   Yes, we got wet for the first time in the history of our walks.   Rosemary lead the walk this time, and cleverly rerouted it to take account of the rain that would not go away.   The Harbour, in the dim light, looked spectacular and we stood for ages watching the Herons, dippers and seagulls while we chatted.    Another delightful evening and thanks go to Rosemary for inspiring us about what goes on in the harbour.
For more photos – of our recovery in the pub later, please click here.

One thought on “Chichester Harbour Walk – 5th July

  1. I was on that walk, to say it rained might be an understatement, but somehow it stopped mattering when we started out. Rosemary took us
    on an interesting route, we were able to see some wildlife thro the rain
    and some lovely house boats surrounded by water lilies with leaves as big
    as dinner plates, beautiful to see, and yes we did end up at a watering hole,very smart with hot chocolate served with marchmellows…bliss.


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