An Outing to London

Bognor Regis visitors with NFWI Chair and Vice Chair in front row

 We met at the station to catch the train

And crossed our fingers that it didn’t rain.

We were going to visit the NFWI

To hear all about their what, when and why.


A train and two buses – then we arrived

At a very old building standing with pride.

We knew there’d be stairs across five floors

No lifts, just our legs, to help us explore


We learnt it began here in Nineteen Fifteen

Swelling to numbers never foreseen

We met many staff throughout the day

And heard how they support us in every way

From planning the money and every campaign

To talking to ‘Press’ to preserve our domain.


So twenty five members plus we “Bognor five”

Enjoyed hospitality and saw how ‘we’ thrive.

Our photos were taken – a great day – it showed!

We then headed home along the New Kings Road.


(Committee members from Bognor Regis W.I. Lesley Hiley, Sheila Booth, Kate Claisse, Jan Marsden, and Janet Perkins
attended the headquarters of the National Federation of Women’s Institute in London on July 20th 2011.)

Sheila Booth

July 27th 2011

One thought on “An Outing to London

  1. Well done Sheila, you summed up our day perfectly. An informative enjoyable day with good company.
    Lesley Hiley


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