Walk to Eartham Woods – October 2011

Our walk began up a well defined footpath on a magical sunny October afternoon.  We headed off towards a gradual incline which afforded us spectacular views  from the start, fields on one side then stunning views towards a well defined Pagham Harbour, shining a pearly orange in the autumn light.  It was a sight to make Turner get out his pallet & brushes!

As we reached a higher level the chilly air became more noticeable but, thankfully, good company & the shelter from the higher South Downs made it an enjoyable place to be.

At the only stile, we had to stop to admire another beautiful vista, and then out along the old Roman Road treading in the footsteps of past legions & pondering the history, we made quick progress down towards the views of Halnaker mill with Chi Spire in the distance.  One more short climb before a right turn at the five ways footpath sign then back to the cars while the sun still shone.

It was hard to imagine a better end to the week.

Click here for more photos.

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