Kingley Vale Christmas Walk

It was a bright but cold day a week before Christmas when we set out to explore the Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve, which is a few miles North west of Chichester.  Our walk started up a fairly steep incline, which I personally found hard going!  However, all that hard work was well worth it when we reached the summit and looked back at the fantastic view of beautiful Sussex coastline and countryside.  At this point Jan produced her Christmas surprise – coffee and mince pies that she had heroically carried up that hill!  What a treat!!

We then descended along a circular trail, which ended at the foot of the valley in an eerie, nay ghostly, grove of ancient yew trees.  These huge gnarled and twisted specimens are among the oldest living things in Britain – some over 2000 years old.  They were amazing.  Please click here for more photos.

This was a fitting end to a very enjoyable and interesting year for the walking group – many thanks to Jan who has put in so much of her time planning and organising these outings.


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