2012 Walks catchup!

The Walk Group has been very active but  your administrator has been a little tardy publishing reports  … here’s a bumper bundle!

Binstead Walk  – Jan

We met at Binsted Church on a sunny but very cold afternoon. Our walk took us past a garden which had a very large carved Totem pole. Then it was across some very muddy fields, one of which looked like a paddy field! It was quite hard going over the mud and a couple of stiles. On a bridge we spied some snowdrops. They were quite far down and in amongst lots of greenery so not that easy to see, so we were very glad when we got to the church to find carpets of snowdrops. We went inside the church and had a look round. It was noted that the first vicar had served from 1402! We walked home by another route across more muddy paths. When we got back to the cars we all had to take our very muddy boots off before driving home.  It was a lovely afternoon. Many thanks to Jan for working the route out.  click here for more photos.

Barnham Canal Walk  –  Feb

Nine members met at Hoe Lane Flansham,for a 4 mile circular walk to Barnham Church and along the disused canal.  Hoe Lane itself was a pleasant surprise, a few of us not having been there before. The houses and gardens received a few admiring glances as we passed along the lane to the open fields beyond. It was a very cold morning with some snow under foot and at times a biting wind,but with good company and lots of chat we proceeded across the fields with views of the snow covered Downs in the background.  We stopped at a little bridge over the canal, near Barnham Church, and enjoyed a mint humbug before walking alongside the canal.  We passed the windmill and crossed a few bridges and stiles on our way back to the cars. Despite the cold weather it was an enjoyable walk, it certainly blew the cobwebs away.  Thank you Jan for all your efforts.  click here for more photos.  click here for more photos.

Pagham Lagoon  – Feb

Janet and Doreen from Westergate WI are thinking about setting up their own WI walk group and joined us to see how it could be done!  Eleven of us walked and talked our way through the old part of Pagham by the Lagoon, out to the Spit, along the Harbour edge to North Wall and back through the caravan park.    The sun shone brilliantly across the high water in the harbour and lifted our spirits, once again, on a chilly winter’s day.   The fear of potential flooding from the sea was better understood, as we witnessed the high tide lapping the harbour edge and the pebble spit edging its way closer to the shore along the coast.    Although each viewpoint about the right solution for Pagham has merit, on balance, the WI walk group felt the harbour entrance should be kept open.  This natural habitat for wild life is a jewel in the crown for Bognor Regis and we were proud to show it off to Janet and Doreen.  click here for more photos.

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