Energy Best Deal

Talk to your energy supplier and other sources of help to check you are on the best deal for you”, was the key advice given by Phillippa Owen from Citizens Advice Bureau, at a talk she gave to Bognor Regis WI members on February 29th 2012.

Ofgem and the CAB work together to guide us about getting the best deal for our gas and electricity.  Phillippa helped some of our members focus on the environment and our pockets, with energy saving tips and cost effective ways of paying for gas and electricity.

Members talked about ways of keeping energy usage down, including:

  • Lag the attic to the recommended thickness – check with Arun District Council for grants and firms to do the work
  • Keep appliances, such as televisions and computers turned off – i.e. not left on standby
  • Wall insulation can be beneficial in most homes

Phillippa encouraged us to compare energy prices and deals, so that they are the best for an individual’s situation and circumstances.   It was accepted that this can be a minefield at present, but there are sources of help such as:

When you make contact, be armed with:   how much you paid for gas and electricity last year, how you currently pay your energy bills, and your postcode.

Phillippa reminded us that Energy Suppliers are required by Government to help their customers, and most do.    Talk to your supplier and compare tariffs and prices, either via the internet or the phone was the overriding message.    They can help with ways not to waste energy, to make payments if money is tight, access grants and energy saving schemes, and advise on the best energy deal for you.

You are not alone in this maze of energy concerns and you may save money (her experience showed it could be up to £400.00 a year).

If you need further help, contact the CAB at 01243 866233 or

There are leaflets with clear information and other contact details available from CAB at the Town Hall, and a copy will be on the notice table at March and April’s WI meeting.

Jan Marsden,  March 2012

One thought on “Energy Best Deal

  1. If you would like a nice young man to come round and check your loft lagging and fit an energy monitor for you – all completely free of charge then call 0800 054 6815 asap (Arun energy initiative ends 31st March).
    The energy monitor is highly illuminating in more ways than one.


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