Visit to Dando International

by Kate Claisse

One afternoon in June a group of us had a very interesting and informative visit to Dando International, a company based in Littlehampton which have been designing, manufacturing and selling water well drilling rigs longer than any other drilling rig manufacturer.  After a brief outline on the history of the company – from 1867 to the present day, we were given a presentation about one of their current projects – the manufacture and supply of a drilling rig to Burkina Faso.  Yes we did all say – where’s Burkino Faso?  It is a small landlocked country in West Africa with a population of just over 16 million people, and it is estimated that less than 59% have access to an acceptable level of water supply.  Only 11% have access to adequate sanitation facilities.  Since January 2010 the water well drilling rig supplied by Dando has drilled 240 boreholes, an average of just over 3 completed bores per week.  As a result thousands in the country are benefiting from access to clean water.

After a welcome cuppa and cake, we had a guided tour of the warehouse and marveled at the very impressive huge brightly coloured rigs, which were onsite awaiting dispatch to locations around the world.

Many thanks to Gina Fitch-Roy for organizing what was a very enjoyable and interesting outing.


One thought on “Visit to Dando International

  1. Hi Kate,

    Sorry I missed this one, please bear me in mind for any other outings as I am not able to attend all the meetings at the moment because of a couple of recent ops, the main one was my knee and I am not able to get around very well and certainly can’t drive at the moment. I am finding that because I’ve missed meetings I’m also missing the opportunity of signing up for visits, etc.

    As an aside, I do know where BF is and I think the other thing they drill for is oil. Ironic that they haven’t got access to water…

    Regards Margaret


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