January 8th

The Historic Campuses of the University of Chichester                          A talk by Prof Clive Behagg (University Vice-Chancellor)

February 12th

Cookery Demonstration (seasonal food) – by Rosemary Moon

March 12th

‘Send a Cow’ – A talk by Rosemary Grindle (Send a Cow works hand in hand with poor families, teaching them the skills they need to build new lives free from poverty and hunger.)

April 9th

Cake DecorationHands-on demonstration by Jenni Jameson (British Sugarcraft Guild)

May 14th 

Resolution Meeting & Beetle Drive

June 11th

My Time at Bletchley Park – A talk by Betty Houghton

July 9th

Treasure Hunt and Picnic

August 18th 

Summer Lunch –  at Rowland Rank Centre

September 10th 

Reel to Real Heroes – Actors at War – Presentation by Karen McCreedy

September 22nd

Big Bite – Artisan Food Festival Hotham Park – WI display


October 8th

Annual Meeting & Numbers Quiz

November 12th

Christmas Card Making – A Talk on the history of Christmas Cards, demonstration and ‘hands on’ card making with Lesley Guppy

December 10th

Christmas Party – Games and Festive Fun!!

One thought on “2013

  1. I am writing on behalf Sammy Community Bus Service which is a charity in BOgnor Regis that helps those in need with transport assistance re doctors , hospital appointments as well as shopping trips.

    Next year we are looking to expand the way we help people by introducing trips to places of interest , local towns for shopping, afternoon drives with tea , pub lunches etc. To assist with this we are looking to enlist the support of volunteers to act as escorts on these trips to assist the volunteer drivers.
    Is this something any of your members would like to get involved with ? The commitment would not too onerous – perhaps 1 or 2 outings per month if that.
    What we would plan to do is email the list of trips a month or so in advance to anyone interested in helping and all they need to do is email back with a yes or no. FRom my experience as a driver the trips are extremely rewarding .

    I should also mention that we are always on the look out for more volunteer drivers as well…

    If it helps I am more than happy to meet with anyone / telephone anyone to discuss this further.

    Now if I may can I put on my Rotarian Hat on. I notice from your excellent website ( once you find it , some interesting ones on the way !! ) that you had a speaker called Betty Houghton talk about her time at Bletchley Park. Is she a local lady ? If so I would love her to give a talk at one of our meetings. Any help on how to contact Betty would also be much appreciated.

    I very much look forward to hearing from someone in due course.

    Glyn Brown


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