Spring 2013 walks

IMG_44782013 Spring Walks


The wet, chilly winter of 2013 appeared to be by-passing Spring but did not stop our walks.  

Pagham Harbour walk made our boots muddy, but the sun shone and took the edge off  the cold wind.   How the spit has grown since we last walked that way.    The creeping shingle bank is a real dilemma and the shoreline eroding away tugs at the heart.

Slindon walk lifted our spirits with the first sightings of primroses .    We kept upright on the slippery muddy paths and enjoyed the view of Slindon Folly from various angles.    Chatter and laughter kept our feet going.

The Trundle to West Dean walk tested us.  6 intrepid walkers ignored the bad weather forecast and set off optimistically in a few spits of rain.  By the time we finished we were two walker s down and could have been anywhere!   The misty rain clouded the route.   We were wet, cold and hungry.   Were we down hearted?   – No!   Thanks to the support and determination of our walkers we shortened the route and all arrived back in Bognor Regis safely.

With the experience of the last few walks behind us, we are on our way to tackle the 3 Peaks walk – Snowdown, Ben Nevis and Scarfell – but I think we will leave it for a while!!

With a couple of more Spring walks Monday 29th April 10.00 a.m. and Saturday 13th May 1.30 p.m. ahead of us – we will find the views and more spring flowers.    

 Jan Marsden

2 thoughts on “Spring 2013 walks

  1. Green with envy. Just come in from a lovely walk round Hotham Park and back along the front. Spring has really busted out all over – flowers blooming; trees greening up and the birds singing . I confess to sitting in the sunshine for 10 mins. with a cup of coffee though! Stella


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