County Craft Award for Bognor Regis WI



Oliver Budd, who creates mosaics, and Jennie Rayment, who creates patchwork using fabric manipulation techniques, informed, inspired and entertained 6 Bognor Regis WI members with their 2 guests, as part of the Gilchrist and Tiptree Cups and County Craft Award Day at Steyning on August 6th.  

The event, organised by West Sussex WI Federation, attended by over 100 WI members from across the County, hosted 3 County wide competitions.   Bognor Regis WI entered each competition and our displays stood out in the crowd.   Lesley Gupppy, Jan Marsden, Christine Harris and Angela Mitchell worked together to create a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.   Lesley’s Mad Hatter’s Hat, made from sugar paste, was the “table” for “cups and saucers” – delightful, and Angela’s flower exhibit decorated the display as “cup cake” made out of flowers in a tea pot – exquisite.   The judges liked the flavour of Christine’s jam, and thought Jan’s biscuits were attractive, although a little soft – 30 seconds longer in the oven next time Jan!

The star of the show was a “Present for Alice” in the form of a red and white fabric covered box with an antidote for poison in the tiniest bottle inside – made Barbara Foster.    Barbara’s efforts have been rewarded, as she won the County Craft Award for Bognor Regis WI.   Barbara has also been approached to make a similar box for the West Sussex room at Denman College – what an honour.

Let me return to the Speakers on that day.  

Oliver Budd is a second generation mosaic artist.   Following in his father’s footsteps, he has created massive mosaic walls and other items to decorate private and public places. The designs are clever, and using a variety of shades in each colour along the flow lines, his images have a sense of reality despite being made up of tiny angular tiles.   We were all impressed with the swimming pool wall he designed in Kent, as well as a wall commissioned by Birmingham City Council.  

Jenny Rayment – what an extraordinary speaker!    Her theatrical delivery about her patchwork career climaxed as she transformed her attractive patchwork skirt into a Bunny Girl outfit.    She told us how she came upon patchwork by chance after doing her son’s paper round when he was “ill” and a lady took pity on her wet and exhausted appearance.  I thought her patchwork designs were clever and unique.  Watch this space – I have the book!   An inspirational and funny speaker.

As you can see, a really enjoyable day.   Barbara’s first prize, a risqué speaker, taking part and good company!

 Jan Marsden

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