Bognor Regis WI links with Primary Schools – Big Bite


I am not sure who had most fun, the children or us!

The Big Bite Artisan Food Festival in Bognor Regis linked our WI to primary schools to promote using locally sourced food and home baking.   This venture came at an opportune time for us, as it fitted with the WI’s Great Food Debate, which is highlighting the world’s limited food supply and potential solutions.

With some anxiety and excitement, Flo, Jan, Gina, Lesley, Heather and Kate cautiously entered into the world of young people to share skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.   Two venues, two schools, 53 children and a multitude of shaped bread rolls later (oh, and exhaustion) – we were amazed at the willingness of the children to take part, their knowledge, their entrepreneurial flair, and how they wanted to talk with us.

Kate and Gina prepared the bread dough using flour grown and milled at Weald and Downland Museum.   After weighing out their piece of dough, the children kneaded and shaped it.  Their creativity was a delight to watch, as they concentrated to make the shape they wanted – snails, butterflies, snakes, owls, and many more were laid out to prove and then placed in the ovens to cook.   We were as excited as the children, as the bread rolls emerged from the kitchens and could be placed in the bags that the children had written and drawn on for them to take home.

We learnt so much from the children and thoroughly enjoyed our time.

The star moments were

  • the slugs that came out of our home grown vegetable display, and nearly went home as pets
  • the business that  four 7 year old children in Arundel are going to set up to supply their sister school in Sierra Leone
  • the song the children from St Mary’s School sung to us.

But most of all, it was the imagination and wonderment in the young people that touched our hearts.   We all went home feeling inspired and richer for the experience.

Jan Marsden

To view more photos of these visits please click here and here.

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