Bognor Regis Centenary Sampler

Late last year, WSF (West Sussex Federation) sent an invitation to all the WI’s in the Federation requesting them to each submit a cross – stitched sampler for inclusion in a project to celebrate the WI’s centenary in 2015.

The WI’s were asked to produce a piece that depicted their WI and/or their area. While the instructions were precise on the colour and count of the aida*, the design was left to the creativity of members! Three of our members Lesley Guppy, Elaine McCulloch and Angela Stanley took up the challenge. They produced a design that reflects both our town and our WI.  With a seagull and a brave ‘birdman’ preparing to take flight off the end of the pier, it is clear that we are proud to be a town by the sea. The sampler is completed with a variety of small images, each representing one of the many groups our members enjoy in addition to our monthly meetings.

Bognor Regis WI Sampler


We are very grateful to Lesley, Elaine and Angela for all their hard work and craftsmanship in producing this beautiful piece. Now we must be patient until 2015 for the completed project to be unveiled!

* aida – for those who haven’t come across this word before – it means  “a material consisting of a mesh of small holes, used in cross-stitch embroidery”.

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