Bognor Regis WI Walking the Centurian Way

2014-06-03 18.49.45Over two summer evenings our walk group completed the Centurian Way, which follows the line of the disused railway line from Chichester to Lavant – there and back in total 10 miles.    The railway line from Chichester to Midhurst was opened in 1881.  It’s decline started with the withdrawal of passengers in 1935.   The line north of Lavant closed in 1957, however, the section between Lavant and Chichester remained open to transport gravel and sugarbeet until 1991.

The two sections of the walk were different.   The first leg mainly on tarmac between hedgerows opened up into a grassy space – an atmospheric amphitheatre, overlooked by sculpted iron railway workers.   The second leg took us along the Lavant valley with golden fields and a clear stream to refresh our tired feet.    What a delight to be in our countryside on such lovely summer evenings.

for more photos click here

Jan Marsden

July 2014

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