News from the SCIFFLe Group

July 2014

Trek Scrabble
Trek Scrabble

The SCIFFLe group had a busy July, with a group trip to the Picturedrome cinema to see the superb ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’. This was followed a few days later by an evening at Margaret’s, where two very enjoyable games of ‘Star Trek Scrabble’ were played. This version of the game is played in exactly the same way as the normal one, but with a board bearing the likenesses of the original ‘Enterprise’ crew, and the addition of a list of Trek-related words that could gain bonus points if used.
The group was delighted to welcome new member Debbie, seen in the photo with Margaret, Karen, Annie and Lesley.



August 2014

PM Exhib 01The SCIFFLe group took a side-step into real science for the day on 16th August, when they organised a trip to see the Sir Patrick Moore 3D Exhibition, which is housed in the cricket pavilion in Selsey.

Though small in size – just a corner of the pavilion bar – the exhibit was big on information about the celebrated astronomer. Filled with genuine articles from Sir Patrick’s home, ‘Farthings’, the corner was filled with books on astronomy and cricket, souvenirs and artwork, the old typewriter on which he wrote all his books and articles, and even a (toy) cat. Tankards hung from hooks on the ceiling, and a small selection of the hundreds of shot glasses which Sir Patrick collected were arranged over his ‘study window’.

As a bonus, one of the cricket club members very kindly explained the meaning behind some of the items; and told us about Sir Patrick’s connection to the club. “He was such a lovely chap,” he said, reinforcing the message in the souvenir brochure we picked up.
With a delicious lunch at The Lifeboat Inn to round things off, we all agreed that it had been well worth the journey. 
Karen McCreedy
For more information on the SCIFFLe group (Science Fiction & Fantasy Ladies) click here.

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