Visit to Parham House and Gardens

On September 10th, 13 of us WI ladies spent a very pleasant afternoon at Parham House and Gardens. Highlights of the visit for me were …

Lunch in the old kitchen surrounded by copper kitchen pots and pans. The food was simple but excellent.




IMG_1946a brick Wendy house, which was a cut above the plastic ones we are used to – my granddaughters would LOVE this.






striking sculpture, possibly by Ivan Mestrovic ?
striking sculpture, possibly by Ivan Mestrovic ?

an intriguing white statue lying on the grass. I couldn’t find it when researching the internet later. There was a reference to a white statue in the summer house (which I missed), which was by a Croatian sculptor called Ivan Meštrović.   According to Wikipedia, he is renowned as one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century – I recommend a look at his sculptures which are pretty amazing. However, I couldn’t find this sculpture so I’m just assuming it’s a Meštrović as I want it to be one! If anyone knows otherwise please let me know.

IMG_1940The walled garden containing square beds of flowers or vegetables, surrounded by low privet hedges – very interesting.


The house itself is an impressive Tudor building with large windows and double aspect, which made it very light inside. The room I liked the best was the Long Gallery which is 160 feet long, the third longest Long Gallery in England.

One funny memory from the day that only I am allowed to tell … at one point I and my 2 companions at the time came across a glass fronted cabinet containing a set of lots of matching china.  I was interested to know what type of china it was, so looked for some information – all there was was a sign ‘Walnut China Cabinet’ – to which I remarked to my companions – ‘Odd I’ve never heard of Walnut China before’ … at which point they dissolved into helpless laughter … I can’t think why!

Many thanks to Flo for organizing our trip and to Sue for contributing photos.

For more photos please click here.

Kate Claisse

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