President’s Blog – Nov 2014



To my fellow members…..

On Tuesday 14th October, at the Annual Meeting, Bognor Regis elected their new President – Me! And even though I wanted the job – when my name was actually announced as the new President, utter terror filled my heart – what had I let myself in for…?

But quickly my confidence soared, as member after member, came and offered me their congratulations. And as I looked around the room at all these ladies, my fellow WI members….my friends – I thought, these are the ladies who welcomed me to my first WI meeting over 4 years ago, and started me on my WI journey. When I first joined Bognor Regis WI, I was a rather isolated young mum, desperate for an identity other than ‘mummy’. I wanted to share my love of crafting with others and the WI seemed the perfect place to do that, and it has….but it has also given me so much more than that. It has given me confidence – confidence to stand up and speak before a large group of people (something I would have never done before); but it also gave me confidence in being ‘me’ and has helped to shape the person I am now.

I am so grateful to those ladies who welcomed me that first night – you changed and enriched my life! So when a visitor comes to our meeting – be sure to give them the ‘Bognor Regis WI welcome’ you are all so fantastic at doing – because who knows, the next lady who walks through the door, might be a future President!

The WI’s slogan is ‘Inspiring Women’ – members of Bognor Regis WI – you inspired me, and with your support I hope to inspire all of you during the next year.

With love – your President, Lesley Guppy xx

PS – A new page has been added to the website today.  This shows all our committee members with their responsibilities and a little bit about themselves. Please click here to view the page.

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