Competition Champion’s Cup 2015

Champion's Cup 2015

In honour of the WI Centenary, the committee of Bognor Regis WI decided on a programme of monthly competitions for 2015; the themes are linked either to the speaker for the evening or the month in which it is being held.
Competitions have been held at monthly meetings before but with varying success. The aim of the new ‘competition programme’, is to encourage members to be more involved with the meetings and to inspire them to try something new.

The competitions are judged in one of two ways: either by the visiting speaker, or by the ‘Bognor Regis WI Button Method’ , where members all place a button next to their favourite entry – the entry with the most buttons wins!
There will be no prizes for the winners, but instead points are awarded as follows:

  • First Place            –       5 points
  • Second Place       –       3 points
  • Third place          –       1 point

Each member who takes part is also awarded 1 point.

A tally chart of each member’s points total is available at every meeting on the competition table. At the end of year, at our December meeting, the member with the most points will be presented with the Competition Champion’s Cup.

The competitions are listed in cryptic manner on our programme, and the next month’s competition is announced at the end of our meeting. All members are encouraged to give it a go. So far members have imagined ‘a great advancement in the next 100 years’ (January), written a ‘love, or not poem’ (February) and have ‘Reached for the Sky’ – growing seeds into bean stalks (March). This month, members have been given a polystyrene egg to decorate as they wish, with the completion titled ‘Faberge we ain’t…..’.

The rest of the year will see members facing these challenges:

May –   Bottle it
June –   Bognor as I see it
July –   Best Hedgehog
September –  Dig it!
October –  Autumn
November –  Fun with Fungi
December –  Have you heard this one…

We will keep you updated with the competitions month by month, and look forward to sharing with you, in December, our Competition’s Champion 2015!

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