South of England Show

Each year the WI is showcased at the South of England Show at Ardingly through its skills, craft, hospitality and cakes.   East and West Sussex WI Federations join forces, planning, organising and running the day in a WI Marquee, which is a crucial part of the Show.

As usual, our WI took part.

Lynn and Jan made cakes for the WI Tea. Lynn helped serve the refreshments. Her teapot ran dry!   The queue was endless, and customers had to be turned away by early Saturday afternoon.   Jan kept her eye on the craft items as a steward, poaching ideas for next year.

Our WI entered 4 craft items to the competition, and we came away with a 1st and a highly commended.   Well done to Bognor Regis WI.

IMG_6157The photo shows Barbara’s winning entry, an exquisite corset top, up cycled from a skirt.   People remarked on the design, the tiny flowers that embellished the garment and the unique interpretation of the class.


Jan’s rag doll, in the special friend class, sat proudly in her blue and pink outfit amongst about 30 other dolls.


Stella’s child’s Arran cardigan was traditional, well knitted and stood out in the class.


Karen’s newspaper article told us about the first Russian female astronaut and teased the readers with a comment that the Americans might follow suit.

Taking part was informative and rewarding, making those hours spent on preparing the skill and craft items worthwhile.   There is space for more of us to enter or help next year, so don’t be shy – have a go!

Jan Marsden

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