West Sussex WI Federation ACWW Day

The WI is a member of ACWW, Associated Country Women of the World.   WI’s across the nation raise funds through events, tea parties, collecting foreign and old jewellery, coins and notes as well as the Pennies for Friendship scheme.

ACWW’s charitable work extends across the world to support, encourage and help women in order to relieve poverty, further education and relieve sickness. It is a corner stone of the WI starting back in 1929 and underpins what the WI stands for by helping others.   Madge Watts, who brought the idea of the WI from Canada to England in 1915 was one of the founders of ACWW.

ACWW Day at Fittleworth
ACWW Day at Fittleworth

West Sussex WI Federation selects an ACWW project to raise money specifically for each year and within 6 months of starting the collection June Moran, our Chairman announced at the ACWW event day at Fittleworth last week that West Sussex WI members reached the target and a second project would be selected. What an achievement in our Centenary Year.

Zippy Nomad
Zippy Nomad

At the ACWW day, I met Valerie Stevens, who is the European Chair for ACWW.   She told us about her work raising awareness and liaising with other member organisations across the world. Such an inspirational woman – spending a lot of her time and her own money spreading the word about ACWW’s valuable work.   Zippy Nomad, formally known as Gail Bradley, also gave a talk on her journey throughout Britain visiting 100 WI’s – she has written a book and all the proceeds go to ACWW.   I bought the book and will happily loan it out for an ACWW donation.

Bognor Regis WI has collected old and foreign coins, walked on Women Walk the World Day and made donations to ACWW.   We can open up other ways of Bognor Regis WI members can contribute further to ACWW – so sort out the jewellery you no longer want and your old and foreign coins and notes. In due course, our WI will put out collection boxes to forward any of our items to Jane Biggs, West Sussex WI Federation representative for ACWW so that she can turn them into cash for ACWW.   Jane writes a column about ACWW in every WSN, so look out for the updates.

Jan Marsden


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