Bognor Regis WI do it again!

World Book Day was on Sunday.  To celebrate it Bognor Regis Library held a Quiz Night which I attended with members of my local readers group.  Our WI also submitted 2 teams, some of whom are in our WI readers group.

The questions were on literature as represented in films and TV and also, of course, books.  There were 6 rounds of spoken questions and 2 picture rounds, so plenty for us to get through.  With my poor memory I was pretty hopeless, which meant when I was actually the one who knew the answer – ONCE – I was so delighted.  The question was ‘Who wrote Homage to Catalonia?’ – and I have to admit I couldn’t manage to get George Orwell out of my brain – ‘the author of 1984’ had to do!  The rest of my team were excellent though and we managed a creditable 4th which pleased us very much.

IMG_1344And so the point of this post … other members of our WI have a deserved reputation for doing very well at various quiz nights over the years (I haven’t been part of them so maybe that’s why!)  Last night was no exception as our 2 teams won 1st and 2nd place.  As you can see they were delighted, and pleased with their book and sweetie prizes.  

Well done girls!

Kate Claisse

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