Organ Donation Week 2017

IMG_1553Lesley and I spent most of yesterday lugging tables and leaflets and pop-up banners around St Richard’s Hospital – funny thing to do for 2 70+ year olds you might say, so why?  This week (4th to 10th September) is Organ Donation Week and we, together with Jane (who will be working hard this week), are volunteers with the West Sussex group raising awareness of organ donation.

This year’s campaign is concentrating on encouraging people to talk about organ donation. While most people support it, many don’t realise that their family’s support is needed for organ donation to go ahead.

If you want to save lives, a few words can make an extraordinary difference.  To reinforce this I have changed to a new website page header for this week.

If you would like to read more about it, and sign up for the register (if you haven’t already), please click here.

Finally – this is one fruit of our labour yesterday …


Kate Claisse

3 thoughts on “Organ Donation Week 2017

  1. Great work girls.

    Is there any way I can check whether I’m on the list? Pretty sure I am but don’t seem to have anything to carry with me to say so. I think I’ve a few bits and pieces that could be useful even at my age?




    • Hi Stella,

      if you go to the organ donation site – i.e. click above and attempt to add yourself to the donor register it will tell you if you are already on it. If not it will accept your details … and yes it’s never too late to register.


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