Committee – unveiled


At our November meeting last week we on the committee decided to introduce ourselves with a bang.

We all bought these snazzy sashes so everyone would know who we were – possibly a bit too snazzy as not easy to read in the glow from the lights!  Many thanks to our speaker Shaun who took the photo.

We introduced ourselves at the meeting with a rendition (spoken in most cases) of an alternative Jerusalem – everyone found this very amusing – to read it please click here.  Each of us then let everyone know what responsibilities we have taken on for the coming year.  The Committee page has been updated to show these roles/responsibilities under the photo of each committee member – so if you are unsure who to contact about any aspect of your membership do check this page, although of course any committee member will be happy to help.

We had a record turnout for the meeting with quite a buzz in the air, many ladies have said it was good fun – long may that continue!

Kate Claisse


2 thoughts on “Committee – unveiled

  1. Hi Dinah and all of the committee, Congratulations on your first meeting together it had such a friendly happy atmosphere . Look forward to consequent meetings. Sheila x


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