Acting UP – Festive Performance

“Acting Up – Shakespeare we’re not” gave a memorable performance at our Christmas Party, with reviews predicting Bognor Regis WI members as potential award winners, and the audience hungry for more!

The new drama group at Bognor Regis WI was formed in October 2017.   With four rehearsals under their belt, and ambition to entertain and try something new, six members performed their version of the classic “Looking Down” sketch by the two Ronnies and John Clease, and Alan Titchmarsh’s “Christmas Pudding”.

“On with the show!” silently exclaimed the actors, as one member fell ill at the last minute, some accessories fell by the wayside, and with an audience much larger than the single cat that had watched sympathetically in a rehearsal.



There had been no need to worry – their tenacity and skills disguised their desire to retire.    Lesley’s wonderful poem set the scene for what was to come.





With some trepidation Jeanette, Jan and Barbara entered into the spirit of comedy, leaving the audience celebrating ‘the ordinary WI member’.





image5Acknowledging that Bognor Regis WI members saved Alan Titchmarsh from oblivion in room 101 back in the summer, Margaret, Barbara, Dinah, Jeanette, Mandy and Jan gave a lively performance supported fully by props and the audience who responded well.

A worthy trick ended the performance as WI members were invited to take part.   Little did they know that, as they spoke and sang “Christmas Pudding” to the tune of Funicula Funiculi, they were being auditioned for “Acting Up”.     Congratulations!!

Thanks must go to Sue who introduced “Acting Up – Shakespeare we’re not” without rehearsal.

Well done everyone.    A date for future meetings of Bognor Regis drama group will be announced shortly.

Words: Jan Marsden

Photos: Kate & Katie


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