New Look and other changes!

As mentioned in The Buzz, the look and style of the website has been changed to bring it in line with our fresh new look on the annual programme book mark, information cards and other documentation.

We’ve changed to a blue background, and a line of beach huts, to emphasise our seaside location, on each page.  Hope you all like it – comments welcome.

Another important addition to the website is a full calendar (accessed via DIARY DATES).  This will hold all the planned events for our WI (meetings, coffee mornings, group meetings etc), also West Sussex Federation  and National Federation events that have been highlighted on the Buzz.  In this way you have one place to go if you want to check what’s on.  The annual programme, for the detail about our monthly meetings, is still available, again via DIARY DATES.

If anyone see’s that a date is missing, do let me know – it’s important that this is kept uptodate.


Kate Claisse


3 thoughts on “New Look and other changes!

  1. Hi Kate, This is looking good. Since you helped us get started I am mindful that we shall need to re-vamped but hopefully not just yet. But you have certainly given us something to think about.

    Just this alone keeps us motivated and is a learning curve.

    Well done

    Hazel, from Horsham Normandy WI


  2. Thanks Hazel, it’s been at the back of my mind for a while and then our new look programme with the beach huts inspired me to do it. Changing themes are time consuming because there are so many of them to try out, but once I decided which one the transition was very smooth. Good luck if you decide to do it! best wishes Kate


  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!,

    I can’t log in to the sight now!! :O(( any suggestions???

    Sue :O))



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