Our First Coffee meeting …

…. this Tuesday (23rd) at the Hotham Park cafe.  The event was hosted by Sue Harris and was a great success, or in her own words ….

Lovely to see you all on Tuesday morning.

Thank you all for coming and also to Rosemary for suggesting the get together.

It was great to see so many come along, despite the awful weather. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, lots of chat and laughter.

I’m also sure the cafe appreciated the business on such a quiet morning.

We will continue to arrange a meet up each month, varying days, times, and venues with the committee taking turns to host.

If anyone else has an idea for a venue and would be happy to host , they would be very welcome to do so.

Many thanks to Sue for organising, we all look forward to the next one!

for photos click here

Kate Claisse


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