Calling all knitters or crocheters!

Our charity ‘Friends of Bognor Hospital’ have asked if we could knit some ‘Twiddle muffs’ for them. They are knitted or crocheted muffs given to elderly patients to keep their hands warm and they also give the patients something to ‘fidget’ with – they find them comforting.

There are lots of patterns and pictures online all with slight variations. We’ve included one below, but any muff would be appreciated. You can sew on buttons, ribbons etc and add a pocket for a handkerchief or keepsake. Let your imaginations fly – if you’re an expert you can use them to practise new stitches or if you’re a beginner the odd mistake won’t show!

I’m starting one tonight and I’m certainly no expert – should be interesting. They’re a great way of using up odd bits of wool. If you attach buttons etc please make sure that they are well secured as they can be a danger if they come loose.

Click below to view a pdf of the twiddlemuff pattern:

Twiddlemuff instructions

Dinah Barrand


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