BRWI Meeting – 12th June

For our June meeting, we invited Kevin from Hawking About who brought along five of his beautiful birds.

We met Buzbee the Barn Owl, the beautiful baby Tawney Owl Fern, Kestral Midge, Toby the African Spotted Eagle Owl and Luna the European Eagle Owl with his massive wing span. Kevin gave a very informed talk and it’s clear he is passionate about his birds.

We could have all listened to him all evening, but we had to get on with business. Katie and the 12 Calendar Girls told the Members about their experience at the Bognor Regis Carnival and Katie, Sue Harris, Jan, Jack, Sheila and Karen recounted their experience in London at Processions 2018.

Words & Photos: Katie Lyne

Our winners in this month’s competition were …

1st place, Annie Smith
2nd place, Lesley Hilley
3rd place, Lesley Guppy


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