Walking Tour of Arundel


Yesterday 12 of us met up in Arundel outside the Norfolk Hotel wondering what our walking tour would be like – and we weren’t disappointed.  It was entertaining, interesting and informative – all due to our excellent guide, Martin.

Martin our Guide

Martin was brought up in Arundel and clearly loves the town.  He doesn’t give a heavy historical talk, but instead told us lots of interesting facts about the town, and particularly it’s architecture – Martin called these facts ‘nutty’ which was about right.

I won’t attempt to relate all that we learned in case any of you would like to do the tour,  but a few funny things were …

Cathedral with plastic spire and empty plinths!


tudor facade masking an electricity substation!


and  ….

  • the castle walls were only built in the 1870s, replacing a whole parade of houses and shops
  • there is a genuine tudor building with fake tudor facade

… and lots more

Martin is a postman.  After his morning round he goes to the Norfolk Arms at 2 pm and if there is anyone there that wants a tour he picks them up – £5 a person – highly recommended!  His website is http://www.arundelwalkingtours.co.uk

For more photos click here.

Words and photos – Kate Claisse




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