Summer Walks

Our last two walks epitomised what the walk group sets out to do!

  • Exploring coast and rural areas
  • Exercising for good health
  • Enjoying the company and countryside around us

In jest, we certainly “reached parts that may not have been reached before”, as some of the 14 members over the two walks discovered parts of our area that they had never been to before, got out of breath, awakened muscles that had not been used in a while, and kept the chatter going for several miles!

The high down on the Trundle was awash with wild flowers – including the Rampion, known as the Pride of Sussex flower; the 360 degree views were amazing; the paths and hills stretched our legs and lungs, and the coast walk at low tide exposed the Pagham Mulberry and vast expanses of rock.

Next we will be  walking up Halnaker Hill to see the windmill dressed with its new sails and cap.

Words: Jan Marsden

Photos: Jan and Lynn

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