Remembrance Day Parade 2018

Hands of Dinah and Stella laying the wreath


Eleven members of our WI were honoured to take part in the Remembrance Day Parade on Sunday. Our journey to the parade began over a year ago when Katie suggested that we make a wreath to lay at the war memorial in this special year, commemorating 100 years since the end of WWI.

all ready, three abreast

Katie carried the beautifully crafted wreath, which she had made with the 100 poppies crafted at our September meeting. At the Regis Centre Stella and Dinah joined the parade and Katie passed on the wreath for them to lay at the War Memorial.

Stella and Dinah lay our wreath


The comments below from our members best sum up the day.

It was a privilege and pleasure to be given the honour of laying your beautiful wreath at the War Memorial on Sunday’.

A special and very moving occasion that will be a treasured memory’.

So proud to have been part of today, hope we have started a tradition that will continue in years to come’.

It was an honour to represent women, our own families and the WI at today’s special Remembrance Parade’.

‘I think we did ourselves proud with both our hand made wreath and trying to keep up with the marching!’

I was very proud to walk with friends at such a moving time of reflection. I had wonderful feeling of belonging, I also hope this becomes a tradition. Thank you all, this morning was very special’

Click here to see all our photos of the day.

Words: Dinah Barrand

Photos: Kate Claisse


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