Bognor Regis WI Walks

After damp days postponing a couple of our Winter Walks, Kingley Vale, in the brilliant sunshine, restored our faith last Thursday (February 14th). The views, the chatter and the early spring weather set the stage for an exhilarating walk up onto the South Downs, through an ancient Yew Tree woodland.

So energised were three of our members, that they took the very steep route up to the top – leaving the rest of the group aghast.   However, not all was lost.   Those less adventurous claimed the best stamina, as they had covered the longer distance!  

We were all rewarded with green heart biscuits to focus our thoughts as it was Climate Change Day.

Future WI walks will include a Ford to Arundel riverside walk, and Chidham Harbour. Sign up sheets will be available at WI.



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