Our Craft group has resumed!!


Creative buds were teased out by experimenting with clay, lace, animal and flower
cutters, egg shapes, threads and colours. Taking tips from each other, and amazing
ourselves with our own talent, a range of Easter decorations were created. It was
such a joy, watching the ideas develop.



Next on the list is mini works of art called Inchies. One inch square fabrics, or other
materials, will be embellished with small items such as buttons, shells, beads or
thread, to make charms, pictures, put onto other projects or just made for the fun of
No previous skills required – all materials can be provided, or bring your own.
Come along with a desire to craft something simple. Details will be at WI.

Jan Marsden

(Note from editor – I wasn’t sure about these Inchies, sounded very strange, but then googled them and they look amazing – have a look.  Kate)

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