100 Oak Trees planted! 


West Sussex WI Federation help with The Rise of Northwood at Slindon

As part of West Sussex WI Federation 100 years’ celebrations, 100 oak tree saplings were planted by WI members from across West Sussex on Saturday 16 March at Northwood, Slindon.

A draw, earlier in the year, allocated the planting to WIs to represent all West Sussex WIs.  Although Bognor Regis WI was not drawn out of the pot, our WI friends from BRAs, Bognor Regis Afternoon WI, and North Bersted Village were.  Bognor Regis WI, however, is lucky, as the trees are near enough for us to visit often.   In fact, our next Bognor Regis WI walk, in April, is planned to Northwood!


Rain, strong winds, and tough ground conditions made the tree planting challenge harder than had been hoped for, but the deed was done.

Northwood is a site the National Trust and Forestry Commission have been regenerating since 2013.   The original wood was cut down in the first World War, as wood was in high demand, and used for pit props and trench reinforcements.  The land then accommodated a Prisoner of War camp, and in the second World War was used to grow crops.   West Sussex WI Federation is proud to have been part of the woodland regeneration, and Northwoods’ next step in the history books.

Jan Marsden

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