West Sussex Recycling



On 18thMarch, 14 members went along to Ford Materials Recycling facility for a very interesting and informative afternoon.

I think we all thought we were all pretty good ‘recyclers’, but soon realised we could probably do more.

All Recycling collected from our homes in West Sussex is taken to the Materials recycling facility known as MRF, where it is sorted into separate materials using state of the art technology, ready for reprocessing and manufacturing into new goods and products.

Most of the visit is spent in the education centre with a talk given by Jo Norman, Education and Communications officer for Viridor, who was happy to answer all our questions and queries.


We then donned safety clothing and headgear to stand out on the viewing platform to watch this incredible machine at work.

It was well worth a visit and I would highly recommend to other groups in West Sussex, as it gave us all food for thought and was not at all RUBBISH.

Words:   Sarah Greenway

Photos:  Dinah Barrand

Many Thanks to Sarah for organising such an interesting ‘bit on the side’.

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