Arundel Walking Tour No. 2


You may remember that last year we went on a Walking Tour of Arundel with our postman guide Martin?  Well last week we joined up with Martin for another tour, this time mainly along the lower part of the town near the river.  Martin regaled us with  tales of Arundel when it was a busy port with ships sailing along the River Arun to the sea 5 miles away.  Many of us had never been in that part of the town and were impressed with what is a rather pretty area.  Martin had many old photos of Arundel to illustrate the stories he had to tell.

One thing that made us laugh was a wall that we came across.  This was built by a man, famous in his day for selling all sorts of bits and pieces – I guess a sort of rag and bone man.  He built this wall and basically included all sorts of odds and ends, including false teeth – which you may spot in the photo below…


Many thanks to Celia for organising what was a very pleasant and interesting tour.

words: Kate Claisse

Photos: Kate and Dinah


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