Anyone for Croquet!

Over the years I have seen people playing croquet and I have always thought it looked easy and a bit boring.  How wrong I was!

Last week I was part of a group trying it out at Bognor Regis Croquet Club, aided by two kind and patient ladies from Westergate WI.

My initial impression was how heavy the balls were, and how difficult to hit with the mallet over a reasonable distance and in the right direction.   Then when we finally got near to the hoop, getting the ball through in the right direction was not easy!

However, over two games we all definitely improved and I absolutely loved the strategy involved.  We played in pairs and had to be very conscious of where the balls were in relation to the hoop, if necessary knocking an opponent’s ball out of the way, for the sake of our partner – very satisfying!

After our games we had a lovely cuppa in the clubhouse with delicious homemade cake.  A great afternoon and one most of us would like to repeat.  Many thanks to Barbara for organising and supplying such a lovely tea.

For all the photos, click here.

Words:  Kate Claisse

Photos:  Kate and Barbara


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