Vegan Cooking!

President Sue Harris opened the first meeting of 2020 by welcoming members, new members and visitors before asking Debbie to introduce the speaker for the evening, namely Sarah Anderson.  Sarah and her able helpers, Carrie and Gina, then treated us to a:

Vegan Cookery Demonstration and Tasting

And so we were off with ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ as cordon bleu trained chef Sarah explained why her diet has become mainly plant-based. She highlighted the fact that there are an increasing number of vegan food options available from supermarkets, with the UK serving as a world leader in vegan product development.

Along with a useful handout, Sarah went on to address the most asked questions about vegan diets: ‘What do vegans eat?’ and ‘How do vegans get enough protein?’.  For more information, click here – vegan storecupboard.
She also reassured us that all 5 key human tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami) could be addressed when following a vegan diet, in particular umami which could be met by adding ingredients such as marmite or miso to dishes.


While talking us through the above, Sarah and her assistants prepared a Winter Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing to go with a ‘one I made earlier’ Pulled Jackfruit Stew, accompanied with slices of sourdough bread.
Some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ in vegan cookery include the layering of flavours and using seasonal, locally produced vegetables. Assistant Carrie was encouraged to soften the kale by giving it a thorough massage!
Massaging Kale
Now onto the part we had all been waiting for…the tasting!  Wooden forks at the ready we dived into bowls of food, which received a definite ‘thumbs-up’, as did the sample desserts of Chocolate Mousse with Millionaire Bites.  To display the recipes, please click – wi recipes – vegan
In addition to our main event we heard about ….


BRWI 2020 Summer Camp – This inaugural event is to be held from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th July at a scout campsite near Angmering.  The cost is to be in the region of £50 to include: the pitch of a tent; all activities; meals and other refreshments.  For those of us who like our home comforts there are flushing toilets and a hot water shower available, although these are housed in a wagon! A sign-up ‘expression of interest’ sheet is available, with a discussion meeting to be held once initial numbers are known.

NFWI 2020 Resolutions –The committee read out the 5 NFWI 2020 resolutions and invited members to cast their votes during the refreshment break.  Briefing notes for each resolution were made available to members, and a highly sophisticated voting system of buttons and jam jars was set-up.  The results were as follows:

1. A call to increase the potential stem cell donor registration: 12 votes
2. Female Crash Test Dummies: 4 votes
3. End modern slavery: 10 votes
4. Time to talk about death and dying: 10 votes
5. Protect our precious helium: 3 votes

These results will now be fed-back to West Sussex Federation.

Bursary Draw –  there was the eagerly anticipated bursary draw of 2 x £100 to be used for educational purposes. The lucky winners were: Maggie H and Dinah, with Kate and Jean holding reserve positions.

Competition Cup = Sarah Greenway was delighted to present the overall winner of the 2019 competition cup, Chris Hunter, with said cup.

Competition Cup

Congratulations Chris and to the runners-up Jack 2nd place and Annie 3rd place, with a miniscule 1 point between first and second places

Member News – Proud mum Lesley Guppy announced that her aspiring author daughter Abigail, has won a national poetry-writing competition, and is one of 100 young winners whose entries are to be published in book form next month.  Once available, Lesley will bring some copies with her to the members meeting. This is a brilliant achievement and we send our warmest congratulations to Abigail.

For full meeting record, please click here: members meeting minutes jan20 (final)
Words and photos: Debbie Brooks







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