Culture in Quarantine

You can now watch six of our plays on BBC iPlayer.

As part of the BBC’s plans to keep bringing arts to audiences during the Coronavirus pandemic, you will be able to watch six of our shows from the comfort of your own home over the next few weeks.

All six are now on iPlayer and will be broadcast on BBC 4 – dates to be announced:

The productions in Stratford on the apron stage are second to none, so I do highly recommend them.  Forget about the Shakespeare you were condemned to studying at school – these productions are another thing altogether.

The ones I will be watching are Hamlet, Much Ado about Nothing, and Othello, all of which have won 4 and 5* reviews.  Romeo and Juliet is 3* but was ‘very popular with the audience’ so I may watch that too.

If you feel you are not a ‘Shakespeare lover’, I suggest you try Much Ado About Nothing which is really funny and enjoyable.

Kate Claisse

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