BRWI Members Celebrate 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Thanks to those members who sent me photos of their celebrations, please see below

Sue Harris


Celia put up a flag in her front window on VE day along with bunting and flags. The photos are of her mum and dad, her husband’s mum and dad and his aunt. They are all in uniform except he husband’s mum, who worked in the ticket office at Baker Street station. They had scones and tea on their front lawn. Their neighbours had their bbq in the front garden and  shared their rack of lamb. ( He is a chef in charge of several care homes)



Ann Mc VE Day

Ann Mc had a lovely afternoon with brownies, lemon cake, cucumber sandwiches and scones. A slight overload on sugar. All  accompanied by 40s music.



Sue and her Mum

Sue G celebrated with her mum.


Joyce VE Day

Joyce celebrated in her back garden



Georgette VE Day

Georgette celebrated in her front garden

VE Day tribute corner

Karen created a VE Day display, including a picture of her dad wearing his WWII medals and Arctic Convoys white beret. The medals on his right shoulder are Russian, issued in recognition of his service on the Arctic (Russian) convoys.

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