New and old Recipes!

At our January meeting we were asked to provide recipes that would use up the dreaded left-over Christmas turkey. Some of our members rose superbly to the challenge and we now have 5 excellent recipes, all quite different, that have been added to the recipes on this site under the subheading ‘To use up left-over food’….

Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey and Mushroom Pie


Turkey and Ham Hollandaise

Turkey Pithivier

I actually still have some frozen left-over turkey so look forward to trying out one of these. If you don’t have any turkey left, why not try chicken.

Many thanks to Maggie, Chris, Ann, and Jack for their contributions.

I am quite sure that next Christmas we will be getting comments from around the world about some/all of our new recipes. As Sue said at our last meeting, our recipes are proving popular, in particular the Victoria Plum Jam recipe has been praised from as far away as Australia. I have checked and the Apple Charlotte recipe is the one with the most complimentary comments, one also from Australia and our latest one from Sarah, Treasurer of Ribby with Wrea WI in Lancashire. She was delighted to find her mother’s old recipe made with breadcrumbs and suet. After trying it, she reported:

OMG… that brought back memories! Dad’s eyes lit up just at the sight of it, and hubby was most impressed too. The lemon addition really lifts it… a bit exotic/expensive for a 50’s bride perhaps. A permanent place in my repertoire awaits. Delicious 


Kate Claisse

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