Walk Group 1,000 mile challenge update

73 miles to go!   Almost there!   Since the last report in June the group has completed 7 more walks and clocked up another 375.25 miles, giving us a total of 927.00 miles.

Together, our walk group has managed 18 different walks since the end of March 2021:   some new walks, some revisiting old haunts, and some with an added bonus.   Last Saturday’s walk took us through Parham Park to the Glider airfield near Cootham.   It could have been Jan’s biggest health and safety nightmare, as the gliders were taking off alongside us!   In true form, Jan had checked things out and we were on a public footpath, along the edge of the air field – such a joy when the pilot waved cheerfully to our group.

The Lavant Trundle walk might stick in our minds for a while – walking on what was probably the hottest evening of the year and getting to the very top of the Trundle, a first for some.   We took it easy, with water stops en-route and were rewarded with one of the best views of the 1,000 mile challenge walks.

Each walk throws up its own memories – all shining with friendship, gleaning knowledge about our area and working on a challenge together raising funds for Sage House Dementia Unit.   £410.00 have been pledged so far.

Another 2 walks should see the successful completion of the task.   

“What are we going to do next?” cried the walkers.  

Jan Marsden 20.9.21

To see all the latest photos, and a glider port video, click here.

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