Pagham Walk

Five members of the BRWI walking group went for a walk on the 11th November. Due to technical difficulties, Manuela’s alarm didn’t go off, so we observed a two minute silence at 11:05. Jakki  commented how looking at the English Channel, all she could think was “all those young Boys.”

We proceeded to walk towards Pagham beach, low tide, inspired by the natural beauty of the area as Ann looked longingly at the thistles which would be perfect for Sarah’s next art class.

Under Mandy’s expert map reading and Jan’s voice in our heads, reminding us to take care, we walked on to Haven Church Farm Holiday Village, where Jan used to dance in her youth.   

The highlight of the walk was standing on the bridge of the Lagoon looking at the teenage swans, just look at the joy in Lorraine and Ann’s faces.

As we parted Lorraine observed “It was nice to have a walk and a chat.”

Words and photos: Manuela Andani

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