Skin, eyebrows, eyes, lips = make up!!

Last week I spent a very pleasant afternoon learning a lot I didn’t know about makeup techniques, with expert guidance from Fleurie Llewelyn, one of our members who have a lot of experience. For the first time in my life I applied some colour to my eyebrows – what a surprise that I actually had eyebrows! I also tried applying two shades of colour to my eye lids – another first! I asked Fleurie to give me some photos and a few words about what we had covered, and here they are …

A wonderful time was had discovering make-up products and techniques, I was really impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm. Not only was it lovely to meet other members and chat about a full range of products but to impart tips and tricks to a willing audience is always good fun. We discussed and applied base, foundation, eyebrows using stencils, pencil or powder, blusher/bronzer, blending of eyeshadows, glitter eyeshadow, highlighters and lipsticks. Lots of members commented on how their confidence has improved regarding trying techniques and I’m looking forward to hearing about how they’ve got on!


And of course, in true WI style we enjoyed a slice of Fleurie’s delicious chocolate cake!


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